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Keeping you updated with the status of the Day Scholars class action

The claims process for the Day Scholar Compensation Payment has closed. It is no longer possible to submit a claim.​ The Claims Administrator is processing claims submitted on or before the January 4, 2024 ultimate deadline.

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A timeline of updates and announcements from when the Day Scholars class action was certified until the Ultimate Claims Deadline.

Watch the residential schools day scholar class action

The Settlement Approval Hearing will start on September 7 at 9:30 a.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) and may run for several days.


September 7th settlement approval hearing

For Survivor and Descendant Class Members, you have the right to participate in the settlement approval process, including appearing at the settlement approval hearing to tell the court what you think about the proposed settlement. We have an update on how to do this.


Residential schools day scholars survivor and descendant settlement agreement reached with Canada

The Representative Plaintiffs in the class action of Gottfriedson v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada are pleased to announce that they have signed a settlement agreement with Canada on behalf of Day Scholars and their children.


Day scholar update, February 2020

There is no Settlement! The Day Scholar Certified Class Action lawsuit is in the process of going to trial in 2021. Currently we are immersed in trial preparation. It is vital that the continuation and engagement of the advancement to obtain a fair & just settlement for our day scholars’ the 1 st generation descendants […]