If your claim is rejected, the Claims Administrator will send you a written notice providing clear reasons why the claim has been dismissed.

Claimants do not have a right of reconsideration if their claims are dismissed because their institution or school is not an IRS listed in Schedule E of the Settlement Agreement or if the claim is on behalf of an individual who died before May 30, 2005.

If your claim has been dismissed for any other reason, you can ask for reconsideration.

If eligible for reconsideration, the Claims Administrator will inform you of your right to reconsideration. If that happens, you can choose to have a lawyer provided by Class Counsel (at no cost to you), you can represent yourself, or you can choose your own lawyer (you will have to pay your lawyer). An Independent Reviewer will reconsider the claim based on the written submissions of the Claimant (or their counsel) and any new evidence submitted by the Claimant. The Independent Reviewer’s decision will be final and binding.

If you want to seek reconsideration, it is important that you act quickly after you receive notice that your claims has been denied using the instructions contained in the notice.