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What is the Day Scholars Revitalization Fund?

The Day Scholars settlement includes a $50 million Day Scholars Revitalization Fund to be used to support healing, wellness, education, language, culture, heritage, and commemoration for the benefit of the Survivor and Descendant Classes (i.e. Day Scholars and their children). The funds will be administered by a non-profit society called the Day Scholars Revitalization Society that is independent of Canada and Class Counsel. Canada or Class Counsel are not involved in making decisions on who receives funding through the Day Scholars Revitalization Fund.

Day Scholars and their children will be able to apply for funding from the Society once it is established.

What is the plan for the Day Scholar Revitalization Society?

The monies will be used by the Society to support activities and programs for the benefit of the Day Scholars and their children as follows:

  1. revitalize and protect the Indigenous languages of the Day Scholars and their children;
  2. protect and revitalize the Indigenous cultures of the Day Scholars and their children;
  3. pursue healing and wellness for the Day Scholars and their children;
  4. protect the Indigenous heritage of the Day Scholars and their children; and
  5. assist in the education of the Day Scholars and their children.

The activities and programs will not duplicate those of the Government of Canada. Grants will be made to Survivors and Descendants for activities and programs designed to support healing and address any losses to languages, culture, wellness, and heritage suffered as a result of Day Scholars attending Indian Residential School.

The Society is currently in the process of establishing an office, a website, and policies and procedures that will govern the application process. More information regarding the application process will be posted here when available.