The claims process for the Day Scholar Compensation Payment has closed. It is no longer possible to submit a claim.​ The Claims Administrator is processing claims submitted on or before the January 4, 2024 ultimate deadline.

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This is a repository of important legal documents about the settlement. Documents are available in a variety of languages. You can browse documents in the list below.

Key Documents

Notice of Settlement Approval and Claims Process (Long-form)

Notice of Settlement Approval and Claims Process (Short-form)

Settlement Agreement

Schedule A
  • Schedule A – Plaintiffs’ First Re-Amended Statement of Claim – English 
  • Annexe A – Recours collectif Formulaire – French
Schedule B
  • Schedule B – Certification order – English 
  • Annexe B – Proposition de recours collectif – French
Schedule C
  • Schedule C – Claims Process – English 
  • Annexe C – Processus de réclamations relatif au paiement des indemnités – French
Schedule D
  • Schedule D – Estate Claims Process – English 
  • Annexe D – Processus de réclamations successorales relatif au paiement Des indemnités liées à la fréquentation d’externat – French
Schedule E
  • Schedule E – Lists of Indian Residential Schools for Claims Process – English 
  • Annexe E – Liste des pensionnats indiens concernés par le processus réclamation – French
Schedule F
  • Schedule F – Day Scholars Revitalization Society Plan – English 
  • Annexe F – Plan de la société de revitalisation pour les élèves externes – French
Schedule G
Schedule H
  • Schedule H – Amended Statement of Claim (Band Class) – English 
  • Annexe H – SOC modifié (classe de bande) – French

Settlement Approval

For additional legal documents, contact class counsel at:
W. Cory Wanless (he/him) Partner
Address: 36 Toronto Street, Suite 1120, Toronto, ON  M5C 2C5
Tel: (647) 261-4486
(647) 874-2555