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Day Scholar Compensation Payment Claims Process is now OPEN. The deadline to apply is October 4, 2023. Start your claim >

About the Settlement

The Indian Residential Schools Day Scholars Class Action was brought on behalf of Day Scholars – students who attended Indian Residential Schools (“IRS”) during the day only but did not sleep there overnight, and their Descendants (their children). The lawsuit claimed that IRSs destroyed Class Members’ language and culture, violated their cultural and linguistic rights, and caused psychological harms. The Federal Court has approved a settlement agreement that resolves the Day Scholar Survivor and Descendant Class claims.

What does the settlement contain?

The settlement contains compensation and funding for Day Scholar Survivor Class and Descendant Class. It is important to know if you are a member of the Survivor Class or the Descendant Class. For more information, see Are you eligible?

  • Survivor Class: $10,000 Day Scholar Compensation Payment. Each Day Scholar who attended an Indian Residential School during the day only (but did not sleep there overnight) is eligible to apply for a $10,000 Day Scholar Compensation Payment.  In cases where the Day Scholar died on or after May 30, 2005, the deceased Day Scholar’s estate Executor/Administrator/Trustee/Liquidator or if there is none, highest priority heir may apply for the Day Scholar Compensation Payment.
  • Survivor and Descendant Class: A $50 million Day Scholars Revitalization Fund to support healing, wellness, education, language, culture, heritage and commemoration activities for the benefit of Survivor and Descendant Classes.

What you should know

Are you eligible?

Survivor Class Members are eligible to submit a claim. Take the Survivor Claims Assessment and Estate Claims Assessment to check your eligibility.

Compensation & Funding

Are you eligible for compensation or funding?  It is important to know if you are a member of the Survivor Class or the Descendant Class.

Questions about an Eligibility Decision?

Learn more about the decision process and Eligibility Decision Letters.

Important Documents

Learn more about what the Day Scholars Survivors and Descendants settlement means for you or read important documents that explain what you need to know.

Band Class Information

The settlement does not affect the Band Class. The Band Class claims will continue to trial. Learn more >