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Speak with the legal team


Survivor and Descendant Class Members are able to speak to Class Counsel about the class action lawsuit, the settlement, and the claims process without charge.

Claimants whose claims have been rejected for reasons other than the school that they attended is not an IRS listed on Schedule E, or the claim is on behalf of an individual who died on or before May 29, 2005, and are seeking reconsideration before the Independent Reviewer can choose to be represented by the lawyers for the Class Members (Class Counsel) at no cost to them.

Please note, Class Counsel will not be able to inform you of the status of your claim. If you have questions about your claim submission please contact the Claims Administrator (Deloitte) directly at dayscholarsclaims@deloitte.ca or 1-877-877-5786 (Monday – Friday, 12:00 pm – 8.00 pm EST) or visit www.dayscholarsclaims.com for more information on the claims process. 

If you have questions about this settlement agreement, a rejected claim, or about the class action in general, you can contact Class Counsel (the lawyers for the Class Members) at:

Phone: 1-888-222-6845 (toll-free)
Fax: 416-477-1657
Email: dayscholars@waddellphillips.ca

Mailing Address

Waddell Phillips Professional Corporation
Att’n: Day Scholars Class Action
36 Toronto Street, Suite 1120
Toronto, ON M5C 2C5